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Анна - "The portal of love"

"The portal of love"

Blinded moon so bold and wicked
Opens wounds and bloodred scars
Nightmaster`s holding wistful world
Touching, playing with the stars
You`re the Devil - blessed by God,
stretching hands to take my soul
Try to kill me with thy frost-cold sword
Kill me, accompanying only by the owl

Leave me flying with the witch
Leave me yake you there with me
Pass this starry portal which
Will show you whole my deepest reach
Watch - the Angel guardian will be
Weeping next to me, keeping me in thee

Caress me darling, kiss my welken eyes
I`m bleeding, touched by devil`s scythe
The Oblivion is the name of ancient seas
That dig my soul, stain all my dreams

Follow me, my dear, cadaverously pale
Let your fear await for us, Oh, wisdom night
Beyond the gate our love`s a sacral sight
Meekly praying, creating our fairly-tale