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Радина Раднева...(сбор от любимите и стихове на HIM)

Тове е написано от Радина от Пловдив, която е събрала любимите си стихове от песните на HIM и резултатът е следния:

This world is a cruel place
we're here only to lose
before life tears appart
let death bless me with you.
Oh girl we are the same
we are strong and blessed and so brave
with souls to be saved and faith regaint
all our tears is wipped away.
In joy and sorrow
my home is in your arms
so I'll be...right here in your arms
so in love I'll be right here in these arms
I can't let go.
So save me your happiness
for tomorow and today
we'll drown on your tears
a drop of your blood tastes like wine
and I worship your lips
once red as wine
cause the sweetest is the taste from your lips.
You on my skin this must be the end
the only way you can love me
is to hurt me again and again and again
oh it's heartache every moment
from the start 'till the end
oh it;s heartache every moment
with you cause your love is a razorblade kiss
and the more we have, the more we want
and the more it hurts our hearts my baby
oh my God you're so empty
cause you're so alone and tired of brething
it's all going wrong
and you just can't stand the pain any more
so won't you die tonight for love,
baby join me in death
cause your love is the only thing
I love for in this world
oh how I wait for the day
your heart burns in these heavenly flames
I have already scorche
I just want you to know
I'll always be waiting for you
to drown in my love.
Open your arms
and let me show you what love can be
like it is all tears,
it's just the begining of the end,
but it's all in vain....

Радина Раднева от Пловдив