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Heartkiller Moordeb Version - Preview 30sec

Here are 30 sec from Heartkiller [Moordeb vrs].

Sample Here!

We are now number 1 in ZRock chart ROCK40 - Keep on in the same spirit Tongue outYou can listen to the chart, every Saturday between 12:00 and 15:00 and vote once per day!

Also yesterday in Elit on Chanel 1 they said a few words about the new HIM album and played a part from Heartkiller - all this is available on HimTube.

For Sue Magazine Ville shared a few things that made an impression: 

After asking for his opinion about the fact that many of the people who already have had the chance to listen to the album say that the songs, to some extent, remind of the first albums of the band- Ville does not deny but adds:

- Acoustic Funeral  reminds a lot of When Love And Death Embrace.
- Love, The Hardest Way on the other hand have a 'Right Here My Arms' rock beat.
- Scared To Death is in classical pop-rock style as well as Join Me.
- Ode to Solitube is the heaviest track in the album - "is a kind of Metallica meets Fleetwood Mac meets Buffalo Springfield thing" - at moments the drums sound in a Lars Ulrich style (from Metallica),but afterwards they calm down with blues elements.

As a whole he doesn't deny that the album holds American rhythms, too, but this wasn't the producer Matt Squire's contribution, but their own one. 

I won't repeat anything else apart from the fact that The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness looks like is gonna be one of the pearls in the album, which is gonna be a splendid ending of this journey! :)