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Site updates!
Written by Alex   
Sunday, 17 January 2010 02:42
Today's update is rather about the website than about the band.

There is a new page HIMTube, accessible for registered users only and it i placed in the menu Special. From the channel you will be able to watch parts of videos that will be uploaded in the website or just stuff that is not that important to download.
As I previously mentioned in the last update the Heartkiller videoclip just started being played in the most musical channels now and from HIMTube you can watch the video premiers that were broadcasted on the German VIVA and MTV.

Heartkiller Premiere on VIVA TV
Heartkiller Premiere on MTV GER

There are photos of the new Ville's tattoos in menu HIM - Bibliography.

There is another NEW page named Helper and you can find it in menu Others - Support. There are described interesting features regarding the website and its usage.

On Monday there is a possibility to come out some kinda preview of In Venere Veritas. :)

Last Updated on Monday, 18 January 2010 15:03
Ville Sonic Seducer
Written by Alex   
Friday, 15 January 2010 00:43
So what's new?
Well now we have a person in the crew who will be translating the news for the English version of the website! This is Athea from the forum and we believe that she will be doing great! ;) And we'll be delighted if there are other people willing to help with the website.

Only in the 2nd day Heartkiller went to number 1 in the chart of the Austrian music channel GoTV.  Tongue out
Since today the video has started the first broadcasts in Germany and I guess it is on the most music channels around Europe as well.

And now something extremely interesting! I have chosen for you the most intriguing things Ville said for Sonic Seducer Magazine!
- The first song on which they have started working in the album was Like St. Valetine.
- Katherine Wheel on the other hand, is the sereal song that Ville has been writing for a few years and in the end managed to finish and include into the album.
- The making of the album took them quite a lot time as the songs have 4 demos each!
- The album was recorded for 9 weeks and  the complete mixing took two.
- The first song to be completely ready was In Venera Veritas and as far as I know it has a remix version as well!
- Screamworks has been the working title of the album since the beginning.
- It's been hard to chose which song to become the first single. Ville was hesitating between Dying Song, Scared To Death and Heartkiller. As a result they have decided that Scared to Death is too "poppy" and Heartkiller is the combination of all album songs, so that, it was the reasonable choice.
- Ville is working over a few new covers!

To conclude, I can only say that the band has become ultra productive! After all, it doesn't matter what we say, in 3 week time the band will have released over 30 tracks! They will make also a gig-party for the new album (the same as 2003 - Hamburg/ Love Metal Preview). We expect new covers, too. They started playing again old tracks such as When Love And Death Embrace, Bury Me Deep Inside, And Love Said No.


Last Updated on Saturday, 16 January 2010 21:39
Helldone Pics, site upgrades
Written by Alex   
Sunday, 10 January 2010 20:27
DeNial from the forum sent me some  photos and videos from HellDone Festival 2009:

All photos can be seen here - Fans - Live Photos.

Watch and Download: (Live At Helldone Festival 2009)
Heartkiller - YouTube - Download
Scared To Death - YouTube - Download
Love, The Hardest Way - YouTube - Download

And something about Heartkiller video! A lot of peple are very disappointed, also there are many who like the video. So that's why I started a new poll about that! So please vote and lets see what will happen! Also it seems that there is something more behind the idea of the video so check Here! The video is directed by James Copema.
Later tomorrow I'll post the video in a very good quality to the TVRequest!

About the site!
There are a few new system upgrades! :)
Progress Task -  this module ROCKS! It shows you progression of the upcoming videos! It is available only in TVRequest
Admin Notes - This is quite useful if you visit very often this site :)
Last Updated on Monday, 11 January 2010 02:38
Shatter me with Hope Preview / Heartkiller video making of
Written by Alex   
Tuesday, 05 January 2010 13:50
30sec. from Shatter Me With Hope [The Sword Of Democles] - LINK
It seems that this is the remix of the song!
Here is the proof:
As you can see there is a difference between the album and the single version of the track:
10. Shatter Me With Hope (Album Version) (3:52)
2. Shatter Me With Hope [The Sword Of Democles] (4:13)
According to rexordshopx - Heartkiller single will include a remix of the song!
1. Heartkiller
2. Shatter Me With Hope (The Sword Of Democles)
3. Heartkiller (Moordeb VRS)

Unfortunately the information from wikipedia about the 12min. track was untrue... So here are the correct time lenghts SCREAMWORKS: Time Lenght

Heartkiller video have beenbeen turned on music channels for long, but the band seems to want to appear with a bang in the next decade. Tonight the official website releases 3 photos from the video shoots. For now, yet nothing is said, but hopefully by the end of the week we will be able to see the clip.


heartkiller_shot5 heartkiller_shot4

Also there is a 3min. video, in which Ville talks about the song! Click Here!

And now something about the site!
The first and most important thing to note is the renovation of the pictures in the Video Archive! More accurately most of the images of the clips were replaced with new ones that are close to HD quality! You can see the difference - Video Archive!

In TVRequest there is a new module that appear for a few seconds and notify you for all the fixed links of the videos.

And now something interesting. In the menu Others -  Support are added two new pages! The one is called Admin Notes - and there you can keep track of everything that happen in the site (things which we don't inform you in the front page)! The other page is Bug Report - there you can write to us if you have any problems with the site!
Last Updated on Monday, 11 January 2010 02:50

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