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HIM - Strange World (Ke Cover)
As you already know, Strange World leaked out in the web just a few days ago. This forced the producers from Sony Music to decide and change the release date of the single from the 21, to the 10th of September. We are expecting the video in the next few days. If you wish to support the band you could buy the track on-line for the price of only 1 euro from  iTunes or Amazon. The good thing, however, is that the song managed to reach TOP5 of the mostly purchased tracks in  Amazon, which is a great sign for one good return!

And s, the band has been in studio for over a week now recording the new tracks of the upcoming album named  Tears On Tape. I am repeating that news again because there are constantly rumours stating different titles for the project. That's why, please believe only to the official information, released in the main forum or facebook page.

In a short interview given for MTV3, Seppo confirmed the complete rehalibitation of Gas and his arm and is certain that he will be ready for the long tours in front of the band through out 2013. .More information we can find out from Ville, in an article in Soundii magazine, which is expected to reach us next week.

And here comes a video filmed by Linde himself during the work on Strange World recordings and the equipment he used for the song itself.
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I almost forgot! All links in  TVRequest have been succesfully renewed!