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Video of the month - November 2012
The news are stıll hot, just a countless minutes ago HIM confirmed they will be playing at  Download Fest 2013.İt is only the start having in mind the upcoming new album.Many more megafests and tours!We personally should keep our eyes open for dates nearby and around Greece, Turkey,Romania and why not afterall Bulgarıa...it is high time after 11 full years and it seems like next year would be the perfect timing! 

What is going on currently?
Ville gives freely and many interviews to all kinds of magazines saying the same things over and over again. And yet, things that I have been waiting through the whole of my life to hear (if only they turn out to be  true now). When we gather the most substantial sentences from those interviews it seems like: 
İn the new album
- the heavy will sound even heavier, while the beautiful and melancholical will sound even more beautıful and melancholical.
- It’s going to be something nobody’s heard before.
- Ville's favourite song from the new album is called Lips Go Blue

And now, after knowing at least one song title let's conclude all:

- the album is expected to be released in February or March 2013
- some of the songs are still waiting to be recorded with lead and backing vocals and acoustic guiters
- in November the album will be mixed by Tim Palmer in London
- it all should be finished by12-13th of December
- still there is no label to deal with the release
-  and so on and so forth... untill I write down all the news, some won't be actual anymore :)

That's how the compilation looks like. İt is possible already to be purchased in the music shops  at the price of 20-25lv.

And now, we keep going with  "The old Stuff" of the band and For You (Acoustic at Kelo Club 1997). One of the oldest live performances of the band in floating in the cyber space. Very appropriate to celebrate XX  :P

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