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Video of the month - December 2012
On the 19th of December (Mige's Birthday) starting at  21:30 , after 3 years of silence HIMMANIA Radio is coming back in full style. More than two hours mixed set spreading over the whole dyschography of the band, as well as a special minutes for greetings : P The place and time for these who are gonna listen for the first time - FORUM HIM MANIA

The Program:
21:30 - 22:00 - Various
22:00 - 24:00 - HIM
24:00 - Requested Songs

As for the band and what we can expect, well the forecast I am gonna make is based on the release of Screamworks. As we well know Screamworks was out on Febuary the 8th 2010. Exactly two months before this, during the first week of December 2009,  Heartkiller was already in the net, and bythe end of January 2010 its video came to the spotlight. If we only guess that  Tears on Tape could be released in March 2013, then, this means that by January the 15th we can expect the first song from the album on-line. Of course thi will be more clear around Christmass at Helldone, and we can simply hope that more than 1 -2 new songs will be played live : ) 

At the  moment the album is being mixed by Tim Palmer in London and should be almost ready. Heartagram.COM should be working again pretty pretty soon and enlighten us about the new cover design o f Tears On tape.

Vote for  Strange World at Radio ZRock  

Vote for Strange World at RadioТангра

HIM will be part of the fests literally through the whole of Europe, and moreover a gig of the band in Bulgaria is very likely to become reality, espeacilally having in mind the fact that they haven't been here for 11 full years and they know this fact very well. Let's not guess, let's just keep our fingers crossed...
And lastly, happy first snow outside as well as on our webcite ;)

And finally the video...one not so popular life from our Greek neighbours :)
Sweet Pandemonium (Lycabettus Athens 2003)
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