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Finally on Facebook!!!
Here it goes - our super duper Facebook page is complete!

The link is  https://www.facebook.com/himmania

A day after Gas left the band Ville gave a short interview for a local newspaper! Read it here  - HERE -
in short: After 16 ears in the same band, they all are like one family and the new life choices of some of them will never change their connection...At first they have been shocked by the coldshower news, but as a whole they are not angry or offenced, but merely support and respect his decision. Anyways 2016 was supposed to be taken as a long rest, working on some new songs and Ville's solo project. So basıcally Gas and his leaving is not going to  harm the band and they will have enough time to look for a replacement drummer. Ville aslo reminds us that Gas is not the first drummer leaving them and that they have reached the number of 5 as a total, so they have been through this before.

On the other hand, some are trying to find new pieces from this puzzle. A few days after the news, the wife of Gas revealed through internet that she is moving to live and work in the USA, and merely a day afterwards Gas himself confirmed the news that his family is moving to LA, so in reality it is not so hard to fix the pieces togather...we can basically wish them luck...