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HIM , Rambo Rimbaud Tourdates
Where should we start from?
unexpectedly there is information the the boys will hit Hungary, Fezen Festival on the 1st of August!What is interesting, is that Ville confirmed it in January. He also added that nevertheless Gas's quitting, they don't intend to have a rest this year! seems like the plans has changed and we can expect dates! It will be interesting to see the choice of drummer, too! In an interview ville joked that he will stand behind the drums and will also sing. It is not gonna be a surprise if they hire a session drummer only, but we all hope that they will introduce us to the new HIM drummer.Maybe this is also the main aim here- to start working with the new drummer before entering the recording studio for the upcoming 2016 album.

And now a bit info about the solo project of Ville!
As you all know very well this year at Helldone, Ville came out to the stage under the nickname Rambo Rimbaud and played two songs. Actually for this solo project it has been said a lot in the long-passed 2004 as he had a personal act in an event and he played a few things. Actually the same song appeared then in Dark Light! :) now it is not clear if this is the same project, as it looks like he is gonna play more covers, but i sincerely hope there will be a few acoustics from the previous albums. Ahh yes, and all that is an official album, of course....but as for such thing we haven't heard much yet.
Rambo Rimbaud, will play at the festival Qstock on 25th of august.
rambo rimbaud qstock 2015

from Loudwire released an interview with Valo, in which he talks about all the band's albums + private stuff about his own life!
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-Documentary - Backstage video от Helldone 2014- It's worth seeing, although it is only in Finnish...
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A misterious project is coming, called Musician Portrait Project -
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What do you prefer?New album of  ХИМ or of Rambo Rimbaud