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Welcome to 2016
Here come we are in 2016 now!We wish to all of you many awesome gigs throughout the new year!:)

Helldone took place during a few days as always!  YouTube is full of videos! Seems like working with Kosmo is going well!

What is waiting ahead of 2016!?
As you know last year Ville shared that we can be expecting the new album in December 2016! The work on it had started before Gas left the band, so it is really interesting in what direction will Kosmo change the things. It is still unknown when exactly they will enter the studio and it is still unknown if they already produced any demo recordings. Let's hope that we will see them during summertime at some festivals which would most probably mean that we will be able to also hear some new hot stuff!!!! 

From here -  Behind the Promo Pic 2015 - you can see more pictures and information about the photo session from july 2015! This was the first official picture of the band with Kosmo!

And for the end we have left you a bit of "yellow tabloid".
Ville is selling the tower he inhabited for long years for about 2.6 million euro! The site is near 300 square meters, in perfect condition, after obviously indepth restavration!
Pictures f the property can be seen  - HERE
Pictures of Ville's new home can be seen - HERE

This is it, for now! We hope there will be more information this year that we can share with you on our page! Oh, Yes! Let's not forget also the snow we have added here after a few years of pause. It will stay a month or two ;)