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None For One FAQ
Неделя, 02 Февруари 2020г. 15:12ч.
"None for One"
Recorded, mixed & produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa at Finnvox Studios & Coal House Studio in March-April 2018

Label: Drakkar Records.
Released: 09 November 2018

The 11 tracks have been composed by all the members of the band!
- Subhuman, Blame, Given Time, Cyanide, None for One, Noble Swine, Freedoom have been composed by Niclas!
- The Glow has been composed by Linde!
- Limelight and Kill My God have been composed by Gas!
- Blunt has been composed by Anthony!
Anthony has also written the lyrics for all the 11 tracks!

"None for One" has been recorded at Finnvox Studios and Coal House Studios on Spring 2018, produced by Hiili Hiilesmsaa and mixed by Mika Jussila.
Artwork for the cover by Minna Niskanen!