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Video of the Month
Video of the month - April 2012
( 25 Votes )
Please be aware of HIM - Rock Am Ring 2010 rip of the concert in the very near future, as well as more information about the band's plans. 

Emma Gala Awards - When Love And Death Embrace 1998
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Video of the month - Мarch 2012
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As I already mentioned last time, April is the month when we will know more about Gas and his condition and where is the band heading from here. In the best occasion, he will be ready to start practising again and they will manage to perform a few times in  summertime. Another interesting fact is that, according to Seppo, the songs for the new album are SORTED! Well, it is still uclear wheather they will get in the studio to record them or they have already been mixed and dealt with. So let's hope for great news at Easter!

It's getting harder and harder to choose lives. I changed at least 3 times the Mart video of the month. ;) I wish they could play this one more often at gigs. This is a video from 2005. The period is known for the Dark Light hysteria in the USA.

HIM - Under The Rose (Live at Detroit 2005)
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Video of the month - February 2012
( 38 Votes )
A little bit late , but still, video of February!

The song has been played live only a few times, most common in 2001.

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Video of the month - January 2012
( 24 Votes )
Let's start the new year with a good news, of course concerning Ville! Radio YleX (Finland) announced Ville Valo for the best frontman in Finland after a short poll among over 15 000 people. So that's where the news end :)

There is no track of the band...it seems like they have hidden into the studio rehearsing and working hard. As for the album - supposingly the release would be in August or September. The possibility to be out during the first half of the year is almost near the zero and besides there is not enought time for such a follow-on...in this case at least the official webpage should have been available by now. Let's hope they haven't decided to leave it for December 2012 :)
I do believe that the waiting will be wеll- deserved! ;)

As for the video of the month.... simply check it out :) I apologyze for the bad quality but there is no better one available. The song is a cover of The 13 Floor Elevator.
HIM - Don't Shake My Lucifer (Live at Gurten Festival 2000)
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Video of the month - December 2011
( 26 Votes )
Today Mige is turning 37. 

There is no new information about what is going on with the band. Basically Gas should have recovered completely by now and should be intensively rehearsing. The new album is in process of developing. Let's hope that  the next news is gonna ephasize on its being completed and not on them getting to the studio. :)

And here it comes an antique from the videography of the band. Just in the very beggining with some of the old band members ;)

Your Sweet Six Six Six (Live at Jyrki 1998) DVD
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