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Video of the Month
Video of the Month - June 2011
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No information about the band,yet, about what's going on around them this year. However, it looks like they are working on something brand new ;)

Roadrunner records - 25 Anniversary - Ville & Friends - Black No. 1
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Video of the month - May 2011
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The video of May is one of the coolest ones we've posted so far. It is from the long past 2000 from the Harald Schmidt show, where (as you will see yourselves) the band is rocking quite a big time. Those who's been listening to the band since there know that at that time the hysteria around HIM was huge and the band being at the  TV was an everyday experience. :)

I have something more important to say, though. There have been rumours about it but I got a confirmation just now. It is about the interview for the Finnish meadia that Linde gave after the USA tour. To the question what is going on from now on he said that HIM have always been a priority in his life ( when compared to Daniel Leoneye project) and that the break for the band is over now, so they are gonna start working on the "new stuff"!

And so...it looks like that the guys are recording demos for the new album. I think that they have already figured out the thing with the new publisher and this will be announced quite soon. There are no dates for gigs in the summer though, and there is almost no time left. It won't be a surprise if they do a few appearances on native land but for other countries it is highly unlikely.Most of the fests have already got their schedules and bands announced.

Only the time will show so let's hope this will be sooner :)

Live at Harald Schmidt Show 2000 - Right Here In My Arms & Join Me
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I forgot to say that for the first time I see such a long recording of this live. ;) Do not miss to use the rating system ;)
Video of the month - Аpril 2011
( 18 Votes )

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Video of the month - March 2011
( 25 Votes )
Nothing new around the band.Linde is almost done with his tour as a supporting group to Cradle Of Filth and as for Ville, well, we can't track him for almost half an year now.... But hope never dies, so let's think that this won't last long and very soon they will inform us what are the plans for the 2011. In the best case, anyways, there will be an album till th eend of the year, and in the worst - next year, same time. Of course this year there will be lots of fests, so let's include that hope again and believe that they will find time and desire to participate.
The video of the month this time is pretty comic. At first Linde is missing, as this is the day when he got his first daughter. Secondly, as you will hear yourselve, with the great aim to save some time, the organizators of Top Of The Pops have cuttet and speeded up the song....so the result is preety funny and Ville and Co had to get along with the situiation somehow... :)

HIM - The Funeral Of Hearts (Top Of The Pops 2003)
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Also, as I am quite fond of the idea of  the Runner-up of video of the Month, I decidet to repeat the case. so we go back even urlier in 2001. Here you will see how Ville is trying to learn how to play on playback and is having quite a lot of fun times laughing... :D
Pretending (Top Of The Pops 2001)

And a bit more, let's keep the poll for the Best HIM Concert ever! ;)
Video of the month - February 2011
This year  Heartagram Day will be on February the 12th. In the official page you are being invited to take part into the competition of Photo Drawing  and of course the lucky winner would enjoy a great award! ;)

Linde, Mige and Burton are in the States touring as a supporting group of Cradle of Filth. The tour ends on March the 13th and let's hope that untill April we will receive some more information about the plans of our beloved band.
Photoes from the Daniel Lioneye gig in club Tavastia:

And finally.I had to choose from two live videos of Heartache Every Moment. In spite of the fact that the one with the least good quality is quite unfamiliar and rare and my intention was to post it as a video of the month, in the very last moment I switched mind and chose the next on the list. For the first time I decided to make room for an exception and to post the runner-up. :)

Heartache Every Moment (Live at Emma Awards 2002)
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Runner- up - Video of the month - February 2011
Heartache Every Moment (Live at Viler the Mouros, Portugal 2003)


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