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Video of the Month
Video of the month - January 2011
( 29 Votes )
Happy New Year! healtier and happier for everyone! Wink

From long time I have decided to place this video as chosen for the month. This is the rarest live performed song from all the band singles.This is a video from the New Year's gig from  01.01.2004, which was directly broadcasted on the finnish channel MTV3+. This song also was part of the encore and was not broadcasted on TV. Later on it was added to the  Love Metal Archive Vol.1. DVD.Enjoy the watching... it is the best live of this song that you could find ;)

HIM - And Love Said No (Live at Tavastia 2004)

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Don't stop giving your proposals for a video of the month in the forum!
Video of the month - December 2010
( 24 Votes )
Today I realized that I'm far too late with the video of the month. Laughing I was hesitating for ages between two clips, but decided eventually that no matter which one I chose I won't be mistaken! I guess, that the video is quite familiar to you. I decided it to be the video of December 2010 because the end of the song is just epic , the band rocks out amazingly!Even the last poll in the website proved that the consert itself is one of your favourites and also the concert itself is from December 1998.

It's All Tears (Drоwn In This Love) - Overdrive 07 / 12 / 1998
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New poll! Let's see what is your opinion about the remix album that was out a few days ago!

And of course the Christmas mood that we incorporate every year with the lovely snowflakes going arount the page as far as you open it! In the forum there is a full Christmas skin as well!
Video of the month - November 2010
( 12 Votes )
Because Ville's got a birthday this month, I decided the best video of November to be connected to that little fact :p The video at the bottom is ripped from the Finnish TV which organized back at that day Ville's birthday. It was his 23 d birthday and the songs that they play are from the upcoming then new album - Razorbade Romance. The guys play a few songs, Ville blows the candles, a bit of presents and so on... ;)

Ville's Birthday 1999 on Finnish TV - performing Join me.
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Video of the month - October 2010
( 41 Votes )
Originally me and Steam thought that we could have a poll every month so that to chose your favourite monthly video! We may do it in time but for now we count on you to publish in this THEME in th eforum your proposals! Do not forget to give your mark for the video via voting (the stars), as well as to leave your comment about it. We may broadcast very soon one Himmania Radio session ( 'as in the good old days'), but all that is up to you. ;)

For October this is the choice! We'll try in future to keep chose those kind of videos with good quality, not so largly available in the network and of course ones that haven't been played for years.  As a start line let's see a pro-shot video from 2002, ripped just a month after the gig in Bulgaria. Also exactly at that gig the band played a song of their next album Love Metal. The song they played was Soul On Fire.

HIM - Stigmata Diaboli, Heartache Every Moment, Your Sweet 666 - M'era Luna Festival Hildesheim 2002

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